“Dear Bill,

On behalf of the Management Group, thank you so much for tonight’s talk. There was quite a bit of participation which was great. It was really pleasing to see those stats on how people are more comfortable with networking following your talk.”
Mario, Chair of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Management Group

I am delighted to share my positive experience with Bill Mair’s public speaking coaching sessions. From the moment I started working with Bill, I knew I was in good hands. His expertise and passion for public speaking were evident in every session.

Bill’s coaching style is exceptional. He creates a comfortable and supportive environment, allowing me to overcome my initial nervousness and build confidence in my speaking abilities. His constructive feedback was always on point, helping me identify areas for improvement and providing practical techniques to enhance my delivery.

What I appreciate most about Bill is his ability to tailor the sessions to my specific needs. He took the time to understand my goals and objectives, which allowed him to customize the coaching to suit my individual requirements. Whether it was refining my presentation skills, polishing my body language, or structuring my speeches effectively, Bill provided valuable insights and strategies.

Throughout the coaching sessions, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my public speaking skills. Bill’s guidance and encouragement helped me overcome my fear of public speaking and develop a more engaging and impactful communication style. His techniques and tips were easy to implement, and I saw noticeable progress with each session.

Not only did Bill help me enhance my speaking abilities, but he also empowered me to become a more confident and effective communicator overall. His coaching sessions were not just about public speaking; they were about personal growth and self-expression.

I highly recommend Bill Mair’s public speaking coaching sessions to anyone looking to improve their communication skills. His expertise, personalized approach, and genuine passion for helping others succeed make him an exceptional coach. Thanks to Bill, I now feel more confident and capable of delivering compelling presentations and speeches.”

Karl, COO, Circle UK Group.

Feedback from participants on Networking Skills and Public Speaking Skills workshops delivered for Business Gateway Fife (feedback comments via BG Fife)
“Public Speaking for the Terrified
All feedback forms rated the trainer as 100% and very satisfied. General comments below.

  • Event was excellent and just about spot on with the timings etc
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this learning experience. The speaker was passionate, engaging and inclusive. Very relaxed atmosphere, considering we were all petrified of having to speak out loud. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who struggles to speak publicly. I made connections in the most unlikely place, thank you.
  • The trainer was great he made everyone relaxed. Perhaps it could be a little bit longer to give people a couple of chances to get up and speak.
  • I really enjoyed Bill’s delivery of the session, he pitched it just right and is very adept at reading his audience.
  • It was a good event, would be good to have a more in-depth or longer training.
  • Would love a follow up one

 Networking for Introverts    

  • Would like more events on networking in the future.”

The following testimonials may be verified and viewed on LinkedIn :

“I asked Bill to re-write our website. He came back to us with the content within a few working days. The content was SEO-optimized and we’ve seen new traffic to the website after just a few weeks. Bill has an outstanding skill of changing thoughts into powerful words. If you need a copywriter, then talk to Bill!” Bart Kowalczyk, Founder, PBLink.co.uk ; Co-founder, Edinburgh Connections.

I have worked with Bill for a number of years now and find him highly reliable and professional. He has great attention to detail and strong accuracy skills, moreover he understands how to use the English language for written or oral presentation. I have also benefitted from Bill’s networking skills and he has guided me to some valuable contacts over the last 12 months or so.
I highly recommend Precision Presentation for editing, networking and helping to get your business presented to the best of its potential. Dr Beata Kohlbek, www.bktutoring.co.uk

“Seriously though folks, it is Bill’s eye for detail and superior knowledge of our beautiful language that makes his work imaginative and unique. If you need to get your business message across succinctly yet powerfully, Bill’s the man for you.” Janet Torley, Practical Marketing.

“Bill is a pedant, which in the case of a proof reader is very much a positive – since we started using Bill our written texts have been a joy with no embarrassing errors.” Mike Catignani, CEO, Solutions Developed.

“Bill listens very carefully to the brief and delivers a high quality and speedy return. A pleasure to work with. Would recommend Proof of Fife to anybody as most people could do with an extra set of eyes like that.” Klaus Berchtenbreiter, Business Manager, Fife Cultural Trust.

The following testimonials may be verified and viewed on Facebook Business:

5* – “Very professional, with consistent attention to detail.” Jeff Lockhart, St Andrews Management Centre.

5* – “Entirely professional in approach.” Eugene Clarke, NHS Director.

5* – “Reliable service you can trust.” Walter Neilson, Fife Photo Agency.

5* – “Excellent and timely service. Professional writing. I recommend Precision Presentation.” Eslam Mostafa, Maths and Chemistry Tutor.

5* – Laura Murtagh

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