Based in Fife, but operating across the UK, EU and beyond, I offer a professional, fully confidential service.

I will write or read and edit your corporate publications (brochure, website, leaflet, etc) or press releases. I am happy to sign and adhere to non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements.

I will represent your business when you need a stand-in for speeches, presentations or exhibitions.

Writing Specialisms

In the nine years that I’ve been running Precision Presentation* I have developed a very diverse portfolio of clients, each demanding a distinct writing style and a different approach.

Adaptability is important when I switch between writing a travel feature for The Scotsman Magazine to rewriting the website for Cashmaster International or a press release for Kirkcaldy Central Mosque, for example.

I may not know much about your field of business at the start, but for each new client that I take on, I undertake background research and listen carefully to understand exactly what is needed to convey the message with clarity and authority.

English as a Second Language

Many of my clients are from the EU, especially Poland, and have English as a second language. As a language learner myself I understand the frustration in trying to communicate an important, sometimes complex message when you can’t use your first language.

I will work with you to understand your goals and reflect your  best image in your corporate publications: website, brochure, social media, etc.


Online proofreaders are helpful, sure. But usually even they have a disclaimer advising that you still need a human eye to look over the corrected text. This is because machine learning or artificial intelligence can only take you so far.

Bill Mair seated with books
Bill Mair with books

It takes a human to appreciate the subtle nuances of language that influence fellow humans. There are all sorts of errors that fly under the radar of automatic grammar checkers, too.

Keynote Speaker

I have many years’ experience of speaking in public. I started off terrified of opening my mouth in front of people I didn’t know, so I appreciate just how daunting it can be.

If you cannot or would rather not attend an event or speak from the stage, or if you just need another member of your team to represent you, let me know.

Coaching for Public Speaking & Networking

Would you like to develop lifelong skills in speaking and business networking?

Have a look at my Public Speaking Coaching page.

*Precision Presentation was formerly Proof of Fife.

Precision Presentation: your second chance at a first impression

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