I am Bill Mair and I run Precision Presentation*, which provides professional B2B proofreading, copywriting and keynote speaker services across the UK and beyond.

I have a Master of Arts degree in language and linguistics with honours from St Andrews University, with a special interest in psycholinguistics: the science of communication, understanding and persuasion. I have decades of experience in reading, writing and speaking for a living.

Because I spent many years in sales and in the entertainment industry, I am comfortable addressing large groups from a conference stage, representing you at a business networking meeting or acting as your wingman at a trade fair.

Bill Mair addresses an audience
Keynote Speaker Service

Passionate about language and languages, I am fluent in Spanish, competent in French and I am slowly learning Polish.

But my greatest skill is communicating in English and that is what I offer you.

  • Precision Presentation was formerly Proof of Fife.
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