Why would you use a Print Broker?

Why would you use a 3rd-party print broker? Surely it would be cheaper to go direct to a printer for your hard-copy marketing materials?

Funnily enough, no.

Think of whole-of-market mortgage brokers, who compare hundreds of deals to find the best one for you. 

Or the online price comparison sites, such as comparethemarket.com or moneysupermarket.com.

How does it work?

We are a bit like those price comparison sites,  except we do print. And we don’t present you with pages and pages of different deals – we just find you the best price on the day and offer it to you. No obligation.

We print some jobs in house and other jobs in print factories where we buy allocated press time at special trade rates.

And we know the secret to print prices.

The price you get from printer A on Monday for your print job could be a lot cheaper or more expensive on Tuesday for the same job, FROM THE SAME PRINTER! It depends on whether they have spare capacity at the time and some other factors I’ll go into another time.

We have hundreds of contacts in the industry and we can identify which printer has a bit of spare capacity at any given moment.

But that’s all behind the scenes.

All you do is let me know what your print job is, and I’ll get you a quote.

We print anything from a business card to an exhibition stand and everything in between.

And we deliver anywhere in the UK. Fast.


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