Why would you use a stand-in speaker?

Collage of Bill Speaking at Events
Collage of Bill Talking at Events

Representing your business at a networking meeting, acting as your wingman on a trade stall or event, or addressing a conference of thousands on your behalf. These are all services I offer under the heading of stand-in speaker.

Every one of them saves you time and frees you up to concentrate on what you’re good at and what needs to be done today.

Therefore, there are many answers to the question above, which we can break down into two categories:

Bill Mair shares a joke on stage
Humour when it’s needed

1.Time, time, time!

You can’t be in two places at once.

It happens to everyone in business. There’s a conference that you have to attend but it clashes with a crucial networking event you can’t afford to miss. Miss one event and your competitors grab the limelight, and maybe the sale.

Clock with caption never enough time
Never enough time

If you’re not the speaker at that event, your competitor is.

I will go to an event or events on your behalf, to represent your brand and talk about your products and services, leaving you free to deal with more important matters. People buy from people. An unattended pop-up banner and some business cards won’t make the sale. A real human being, enthusiastic about your business, will.

2.         Glossophobia

There is a famous joke by Jerry Seinfeld, delivered at a funeral, that more people would prefer to be in the casket than delivering the eulogy. This stems from a 1973 survey, claiming that while 41% of respondents suffered from fear of public speaking, only 19% feared death!

Let me take care of your fear

(Language geek note: although fear of public speaking is commonly referred to as glossophobia, that word does not appear in most dictionaries.)

Perhaps you just don’t relish being the centre of attention, standing up and addressing a room (or worse, a conference hall) full of people.  

Business Wingman can offer a far less drastic option.

I will address events of any size on your behalf, from a small business networking group to a conference hall packed with thousands of people. Don’t let stage fright hold you back. Let me deal with it while you take care of business.

I will represent you

How does the stand-in speaker service work?

I will talk to you and learn about your business, take away notes to study so that I am sure I can give a good account of your offerings, before I represent you. The first step is usually a chat, on the phone or in person, to get to know each other.

Then we will talk again, as many times as we need until you are comfortable that I can represent your business and answer the most important questions that are likely to arise.

Coaching for Public Speaking & Networking

Would you like to develop lifelong skills in speaking and business networking?

Have a look at my Public Speaking Coaching page.



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