I will:

  • Give you a firm, no-obligation quote in writing, not an estimate, for every job before I start work
  • Provide a sample page, with no obligation, so you can see what the finished text will look like
  • Practise the speech I will give on your behalf in front of you, to make sure you’re completely happy before we finalise the deal
  • Base my quote on the time required and the complexity of the job
  • Sign and adhere to confidentiality agreements, if you request it

If you don’t like the look of my proposed copywriting, proofreading corrections or speaking services at that stage, we can discuss further or you can decide not to proceed. If you’re not happy with my quote, likewise: there is no obligation to accept at that point.

I will not:

  • Add on any nasty surprises to the bill.

You will pay what we agreed at the start, unless we have agreed in writing as we go along to add more to the project

I do not:

  • Charge by the word or per thousand words

This is because every job is different in its complexity. One document of five thousand words can take less time to complete than another of seven thousand words but less complexity.

Also, if you pay a copywriter per thousand words, there is the possibility they might pad out the text to inflate the bill.

My price is guaranteed. So long as you don’t change the requirements, I won’t amend your bill. It’s a quote, not an estimate.

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