Why would you use a copywriter?

Surely you know more about your business than anyone else. So, why would hire someone else to write about it?

Once we start to look at this question you might be surprised just how many reasons there are.


It’s important to get the details right in your copy (the words or text used on your website and other corporate publications.) James Fothergill of the CBI agreed with online entrepreneur Charles Duncombe, who said that a single spelling mistake on a commercial website can cut sales by half.

However, it’s equally true that time is money. It’s one of the most precious commodities in business. Hours and days spent honing your message and finding the mot juste to place at the perfect point in your text can burn away at profits.

Try to save time by taking shortcuts and you end up with copy hurriedly bashed out with little thought to the impact on the reader. You will lose sales and your reputation takes a hit. Like it or not, potential customers judge your professional competence by the quality of English used on your website.

An experienced, qualified copywriter can save you time, trouble and money. While I am sweating over writing accurate, engaging, error-free copy, you can get on with your core business.

I know the mistakes to avoid, like unnecessary repetition. It is no surprise that my thesaurus is the most worn of all my language reference books.

I will also look out for industry jargon, that comes easily to you and others in your profession but would puzzle an outsider. I’ll translate it from the perspective of a customer so your copy flows smoothly and easily, without alienating the reader.

Equally important is consistency of tone and style. If you have some pages already written and need more sections added, I will make sure to blend in any new information seamlessly, so it doesn’t give the impression of a clumsy add-on.


It’s possible to be too close to your subject. More than once I have spotted a service or an exceptional product on offer from a client’s business that they take for granted. I look at your products and services from a different perspective and present them how a customer wants to see them.


Yours is what you do. Mine is writing.

Precision Presentation: get it right first time.

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